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          Quality is life and reputation weaves the future

          Brief Introduction

          Jianglong Carbon Group is the only carbon products manufacturing enterprise in Jiangsu Province with a full set of production processes. After nearly 35 years of development, the Group has an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of finished graphite electrodes. We put the high standard quality management system throughout the whole production process, strictly control each production process, and continuously improve and optimize according to the feedback from customers, to ensure that each finished electrode meets the international quality standard.

          Main Production Process

          • STEP 01

            Raw Material Crushing

            High quality needle coke or petroleum coke is calcined and then crushed by mechanical equipment into sizes that meets the requirements of the process.

          • STEP 02

            Dosing and Mixing

            The needle coke is crushed in the machinery equipment, screened, and then proportioned according to the recipe requirements. The screened raw material particles are mixed with a certain percentage of asphalt according to the recipe and heated and mixed into paste. The top quality mixing system from Germany, the grinding system, and the dosing system from Switzerland provide quality assurance for the mixing.

          • STEP 03

            Extrusion Forming

            Jianglong Carbon Group has the world's top integrated molding system, from raw materials to green electrodes, every link is precisely controlled, highly automated, more energy-saving, and environmentally friendly, laying a solid foundation for the production of high-quality graphite electrodes. The Group provides 100-750mm Ultra-high Power (UHP) Graphite Electrodes, High Power (HP) Graphite Electrodes, Regular Power (RP) Graphite Electrodes to meet the demand of various specifications of electric furnace steelmaking.

          • STEP 04

            Primary Baking

            The green electrode is baked to a certain temperature in the baking furnace according to the process requirements. It makes the charring of coal pitch in the green electrode, discharges volatile components and improves mechanical strength, thermal stability and chemical stability. Jianglong Group has four ring type baking furnaces. There are 18, 20, 24 and 36 chambers each. The annual output of primary baking product is 60,000 tons

          • STEP 05

            High Pressure Impregnation

            After baking, the products are treated with special asphalt, vacuum, and high pressure to make the products denser. Jianglong Carbon Group is equipped with a large-capacity and high-efficiency vacuum impregnation system, which is green, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly, with a monthly processing capacity of up to 5,000 tons, ensuring sufficient supply capacity.

          • STEP 06


            After impregnation, the products are re-baked by tunnel kiln according to the demand, so that the asphalt can be fully coked and the density and strength of the products can be improved. Jianglong Carbon Group has a tunnel kiln with an annual capacity of 60,000 tons of re-baked products.

          • STEP 07


            The products after baking are put into graphitization furnace with temperature above 3000 ° C, which rearrange the carbon atoms into specific graphite crystals. The group has three graphitization workshops with two 20,000KVA transformers and one 6630KVA transformer. The annual output of graphitized products is 60,000 tons.

          • STEP 08


            The products, after been graphitized, are machined into graphite electrodes which meet the requirements of dimensional accuracy. Jianglong Carbon Group has 5 machining lines, the latest introduction of Japan-made graphite electrode body, graphite electrode nipple machining lines with industrial robots, higher efficiency, higher precision. Equipped with a full set of Japanese imported ring gauges and other high-precision measuring tools to ensure the maximum degree of product precision requirements.

          • STEP 09

            Quality Inspection

            The processed graphite electrodes need to undergo various strict physical and chemical performance index tests and processing accuracy tests. Jianglong Carbon Group has a perfect material management system, with corresponding requirements for quality parameters from raw and auxiliary materials, semi-finished products to finished products, and prescribed values for all process control parameters affecting quality, and actual parameters are tested, archived, and analyzed. We have strict control and precise requirements on product quality, and try to consider every detail for our customers to ensure their reliability in the process of use.

          • STEP 010

            Packing and Shipping

            Finished graphite electrodes are packed according to customers' requirements, shipped via containers or trucks, and provided with perfect after-sales service.


          An ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS18001:2007 Certified Company with International Standards

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