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          Latest news from our group


          Jianglong Carbon Group – The First Integrated Manufacturer to Launch UHP750 Graphite Electrodes in China

          At present, UHP750 Graphite Electrodes of Jianglong Carbon Group has got the test feedback from the market, relying on the strong technical innovation strength, Jianglong Carbon Group continuously meets the personalized demand of customers, and finally developed "UHP750 Ultra-high Power Graphite Electrode" independently, and the large size graphite electrode launched by the group in early 2020 has been approved by many steel mills at home and abroad, which marks that Jianglong has become the first comprehensive carbon production enterprise with large size graphite electrode production capacity in China.


          Jianglong Carbon Group will attend the 23rd Middle East Steel Summit

          The 23rd Middle East Steel Summit will be held in Dubai from December 9-11, 2019.


          Jianglong Carbon Group will participate in METAL-EXPO 2019, the international metallurgical casting steel exhibition in Russia

          Exhibition Outline Date: November 12-15, 2019 Place: Moscow, Russia Organizing Committee: Russian Society for Metals Exhibition Cycle: Once a year


          Jianglong Carbon Group will participate in NEWCAST 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany

          NEWCAST is the world's largest international fair for die-casting equipment, forging equipment, casting equipment and control technology, organized by Messe Dusseldorlf in Germany.

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